Q: A sale have just been generated through my post, but i can’t find ow many days for HPs to reflect in my account’s HP manager?

A: It takes 7-14 days for accumulated HPs to reflect in your HP manager.

Q: i can see my Confirmed HPs , but i can’t redeem them?

A: after “Confirmed HPs” reflect in your HeyPoints manager , they are pending for 30-60 days (maybe more) depends on each supplier, after we receive the commission of the sales you generated or contributed at relevant supplier, it will be reflected at “Available HPs” and available for redemption.

Q: The amount i received in my account at payment services supplier(s) is less than than the amount that was displayed in my HPs manager?

A: The amount you receive maybe less than amount you redeemed , due to charges from Payment Services Supplier(s), We will transfer the amount we owe you exactly from our side, but heyshare is not responsible for any deducted amounts or charges by payment services supplier(s).